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I am

2009-09-29 06:27:12 by happyphilosopher

going to do poems I have made I'm compilations of audio tracks. I am will be posting these when I learn how. So I would like newgounds opinion tell me what you think. The books title is A Blue July.
It a just going to be a collection of poems I have from the years. Do check them out. Please and thank you. Your faithful artist

-The Happy Philosopher

I am


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2009-09-29 06:38:54

Poem contest - http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1 100988
Goes on until October (2 days left), ONLY POST YOUR OWN STUFF AND READ THE FIRST POST!

Also sometime in the future NG is going to launch a literature portal where you can upload stuff like poems, homever noone knows when that´ll happen.

And music stuff: http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/rules_a udio - software and guides


2009-11-03 11:16:38

this is shit. call yourself an artist? what are you studying, getting a degree in bull crap?

happyphilosopher responds:

I made this as abstract one dimmenstional art.. I love it and it isn't finished. So I don't mind you adding a comment. but do not come and try to critize and not give any input on what can be done to make it better. Unlike you I will keep this commment because I don't mind people saying what they feel.